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At NACFC, we understand that many Christian financial advisors aspire to make a profound impact, blending integrity, purpose, and faith into their professional services. However, integrating faith with finance can be complex. NACFC guides you through this journey, helping you authentically embed Biblical principles into your financial advising practice.

Christian Financial Professionals

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The Challenge You Face:
As a Christian financial advisor, you strive to integrate your faith with your professional skills but may find it challenging to navigate the complexities of the financial world while staying true to your values. You need a partner who understands both the spiritual and professional aspects of your work.

How NACFC Guides You:
NACFC is more than just an association; it’s a community that empowers you to fuse your Christian beliefs with your financial expertise. Through NACFC, you gain access to:


  • Education and Certification: Enhance your credentials with the CFCA® designation, demonstrating your expertise in biblically responsible investing. Our continuous education keeps you updated with the latest in both financial strategies and biblical stewardship.
  • Community and Support: Connect with like-minded professionals through our annual conferences and exclusive online forums. These platforms offer you a space to share experiences, gather insights, and grow in your faith and career.
  • Resources for Growth: Utilize our extensive online library and customizable client engagement tools to elevate your advisory practice. These resources help you make informed decisions that align with biblical values, enhancing your client relationships and business operations.

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Join NACFC today to begin your journey toward a more integrated and impactful practice. By becoming a member, you position yourself at the forefront of faith-based financial advising, supported by a community that champions your growth and shares your values.

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Pricing Models For Every Need

NACFC is dedicated to evolving our services to better support each member’s unique journey. We’ve implemented significant organizational changes following valuable feedback to better align with your needs and professional goals.

Discover our new membership packages and how they can enhance your journey of integrating faith with finance in your advising practice.