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Discover Your Financial Partner in Faith

Looking for financial advice that aligns with your Christian beliefs? Connect with a network of Christian financial advisors who understand the importance of managing your wealth in a way that honors God.

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Elevate Your Practice with NACFC

Are you a financial advisor passionate about integrating your Christian faith with your professional services? Join NACFC and become part of a community that shares your values and commitment to Biblical stewardship.

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Why NACFC? From our commitment to the 4 “E’s” (Education, Excellence, Engagement, and Evangelism) to the transformative journey of becoming an ambassador of Christ in wealth management, learn why NACFC is the premier choice for Christian financial professionals. [Why Join?]

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Where Faith and Finance Meet

At the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC), we believe in a financial journey that glorifies God. Our mission is to integrate Biblical principles with expert financial guidance, creating a path where values and wealth unite for God’s greater glory.

Embrace Your Mission

Biblically-Driven Financial Strategies Tailored to You

In a world where financial decisions often feel disconnected from spiritual values, you seek a path that honors both. Whether you’re guiding clients as an advisor or navigating your own investments, the challenge is the same: how to make choices that are both wise and faithful.

NACFC stands beside you, offering the wisdom, resources, and community to align your financial actions with your beliefs.

  • Bridge Faith and Finance: Understand how to intertwine your Christian values with financial expertise.
  • Empower With Integrity: Elevate your advisory or investment strategies with principles that reflect your faith.
  • Connect and Grow: Join a community that shares your dedication to stewardship and integrity.

Comprehensive Services

Elevate Your Financial Advisory with Faith-Based Expertise

Biblical Integration

Community of Peers

Education and Training

Ethical Investment Strategies

Networking Opportunities

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Leadership and Development

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What We Can Do For You

At NACFC, we are dedicated to supporting Christian financial advisors by providing services that enhance both their professional capabilities and their commitment to faith-based practices. Whether you are seeking advanced training, opportunities for meaningful connections, or tools to elevate your business, our comprehensive offerings are designed to meet your needs. Explore how we can help you thrive in both your career and spiritual life.

Faith-Based Financial Guidance

Equip yourself with strategies that integrate Biblical principles into your financial advising, ensuring every decision honors your faith.

Professional Development

Advance your career with our exclusive training programs and certifications, including the esteemed CFCA® designation for Christian financial consultants.

Networking and Community

Connect with a vibrant network of like-minded professionals for collaboration, support, and sharing of best practices in faith-based financial planning.

Resources and Tools

Gain access to specialized marketing materials, investment strategies, and business tools designed to help you manage and grow a successful, ethical practice.

Chart a New Path

Transform Your Practice with Purpose

Join NACFC and transition from a secular financial advisory to one that profoundly honors God and aligns with your client’s values. We provide the guidance, resources, and community you need to infuse your financial expertise with spiritual principles. By embracing Biblically Responsible Investing and ethical practices, you can create a meaningful impact that resonates with your clients and elevates your career to new heights of purpose and integrity.


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